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Repair Electronics, Device Testing, Data Destruction, Reclaim & Recycle Services


OEM Source, Inc. is a reputable and long-established product & service provider that specializes in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) technology products. OEM Source established a wide range of reliable vendors, customers, and inventory that supports the highest standard of new and reconditioned tech products & accessories. OEMS greatest accomplishment is the consistent ability to deliver premium quality products and services at the time most needed.

Our mission

At OEM Source, our mission transcends the ordinary; we embody a commitment to the complete life cycle of electronic devices. Our dedication lies in transforming devices, breathing new life into them through meticulous repair, strategically remarketing them for extended use, and responsibly recycling to contribute to a greener future. This three-fold mission is not just a statement; it's a pledge to foster innovation, reduce electronic waste, and continually evolve the tech landscape for a more sustainable and connected tomorrow.

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Primary NAICS: 449210 - Electronics And Appliance Retailers

Secondary NAICS: 321219, 334210, 334220, 423690, 517111

R2V3, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, NAID AAA certified for physical destruction.